mAY 2019

Welcome to the first edition of the RMA Blog!  We have so much new information all the time and helpful insights that we want to share with you.  Our mission is to make you feel good inside and out. At RMA, we all love connecting with you. Let us know how we are doing!  

I frequently get asked what should I do next?  The correct answer is to just do something! Sometimes it is not a specific treatment that you need,  but we all need to fight this thing called aging. Of course, if you have a specific issue you do not like then please ask us what the best way to address the problem would be.  

Although Botox and fillers are great fixes in the short run you need to be doing something to stimulate collagen and elastin. You need products that will brighten the tone of your skin, but you also need to take care of your  inner self through good nutrition, hormone balance, avoiding smoking and spiritual well being.

I have clients who have been with us for over 10 years and they look better today than 10 years ago.  I do not think it was just one thing they did. Lasting results are achieved by combinations of a variety of procedures.

Choose something that fits your lifestyle and budget. Invest in one of our year long packages. Take a picture now--in 10 years you may be pleasantly surprised!