OK be honest but do you get a little anxious when walking through our doors? Suffering from PTSD?  We do hurt people here but in a good way. What we do helps but often with some discomfort. GOOD NEWS--we now have laughing gas to help alleviate those concerns!  

With the longer more painful procedure we will include it in the cost but with quick treatments like Botox there will be a charge.  Call for more information.  

If numbing cream is recommended, be sure to apply 30-45 minutes before you scheduled time.  Another trick is to put on more layer on those more painful areas like around the mouth and forehead just prior to your appointment.

Another way to retrain those anxious thoughts is to do a procedure that doesn’t hurt like a facial, body scrub, microderm or dermaplane.  They are a wonderful idea even if you do not suffer from appointment anxiety!



Summer is upon us and most of us are showing a little more leg.  Did you know that we have treatments to enhance those legs?!

Our new Omni has a great laser application to get rid of unsightly spider veins with no downtime!  It works on those fine spiders and smaller blue veins. Sclerotherapy is another option for treatment, however I usually recommend it more in the winter months as it looks worse before it gets better.  

Imagine the time and water you will save by doing our IPL hair reduction--no more shaving in the shower.  The downfall to summer treatments is that you can’t be actively tanning as you can react strongly to the treatment resulting in burns. Also no tanning lotions, the light will be picked up by the pigment in the creams.

We also do radiofrequency and infrared treatments to help skin laxity, they are not a sensitive to pigment but still best not to be heavily tanned.

Lastly how about a pampering, exfoliating body scrub?!  Simply divine.


JULY 2019

The entire team at Restoration Medical wants you to start tanning, embrace the sun without sunscreen. See how coppery brown you can get or better yet burn!  Why--we want to stay in business! All that sun damage with give you brown spots, red spots, lines, wrinkles, rough skin texture. But if you would rather have your money to spend on travel, fabulous dining experiences, those cute shoes or just to put food on the table wear sunscreen and don’t actively tan.  

Experts have long said that the number one cause of aging skin is sun exposure.  But a little sun is good for Vit D and our mental well being. A recent study was published showing that we can still get Vit D if we have sunscreen on.  The key to sunscreen is getting one with a physical block--they contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide, they are the safest and least likely to cause skin reactions.  They can be white and not as cosmetically pleasing, but often you can get one with tint. Chemical sunscreens often contain oxybenzone or similar compounds, they can cause skin reactions and some people have concerns about safety and are not recommended in children. However they can make a sunscreen more effective.  

My recommendation is to use the titanium or zinc oxide mineral sunscreens and reapply every few hours if you are going to be out.  If you are super sun sensitive(redhead skin) you may want to use a combo sunscreen with a chemical like oxybenzone as well. Don’t forget those necks and declottes!  The Elta MD sunscreens we carry have a great reputation,are pleasing to the skin and moderately priced. Our clients who have tried them love them.


JUNE 2019

Survey--How do you let your husband (or significant other) know that he is showing his age and that perpetual scowl is not friendly?   Do you a) come out and say what you think or b) drop subtle hints-- “Honey I saw this photo of a guy that did Botox, doesn’t he look nice?”  Dealing with a man myself, I am not sure option A sets the stage for dialogue, but the dilemma is finding a good before and after of a real guy, not Hollywood inspired.  Good news! We have a regular Greeley guy who was brave enough to step out of his comfort and try Botox. This Greeley guy walked through the door by himself and hardly winced while I poked those needles in his forehead.

So why should a man do Botox?  Some really care about how they appear and men just like us women feel more confident when they are happier with their appearance.  Aging men often feel a sense of needing to be more competitive as younger men enter their work environment. I firmly believe that confidence keeps us more active and engaged in relationships, community and physical activity which enhances longevity and living well.  PLUS the biggest reason is we will give YOU a discount on your Botox if you bring your man in with you for a treatment.

Sounds like a win-win.  Check out our Greeley guy on Instagram or our Facebook page!


mAY 2019

Welcome to the first edition of the RMA Blog!  We have so much new information all the time and helpful insights that we want to share with you.  Our mission is to make you feel good inside and out. At RMA, we all love connecting with you. Let us know how we are doing!  

I frequently get asked what should I do next?  The correct answer is to just do something! Sometimes it is not a specific treatment that you need,  but we all need to fight this thing called aging. Of course, if you have a specific issue you do not like then please ask us what the best way to address the problem would be.  

Although Botox and fillers are great fixes in the short run you need to be doing something to stimulate collagen and elastin. You need products that will brighten the tone of your skin, but you also need to take care of your  inner self through good nutrition, hormone balance, avoiding smoking and spiritual well being.

I have clients who have been with us for over 10 years and they look better today than 10 years ago.  I do not think it was just one thing they did. Lasting results are achieved by combinations of a variety of procedures.

Choose something that fits your lifestyle and budget. Invest in one of our year long packages. Take a picture now--in 10 years you may be pleasantly surprised!